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We are family business that focusses on quality training in a relaxed friendly environment.  Our teachers are well trained and friendly.   At WMA we believe that training should be effective and effective , yet be affordable .  Please feel free to come and try a week of classes on us.

Coach Andy Lampson Squared BJJ

​Andy started training Mixed Martial arts at the age of 37 with the goal of fighting professionally.

After having 5 fights with a record of 3 wins 2 losses, Andy decided to focus on the grappling aspects of Mixed Martial arts. Andy earned his blue belt with Matt Lee (black belt under Riccardo Liborio). From there he trained with Chris Yonkers (black belt under Tim Burrell). Currently he is training under Gabriel Gonzaga Squared BJJ (black belt for over 20 years under Wander Braga) for the last 6 years, in that time has earned his purple and brown belts.

In addition to BJJ Andy works with Rocky Gonzalez assisting his professional fighters on making weight before Fights.

Andy's teaching is based on BJJ as a self defense martial art focusing on the basic techniques. BJJ has offered Andy the ability to handle stressful life situations. By putting oneself in difficult situations on purpose and working through solutions in controlled high stress situation, this helps the individual develop transferable skills for handling the stressful situations that life throws at us. Andy's goal is to empower students to find their way towards their personal goals in BJJ

Specialty classes

6th Degree (Rokudan) Black Belt In:
Wo’ Zhu’ Ken-Ryu Karate
Creator of Wo’ Zhu’ Ken-Ryu Kenpo Karate
Creator of SGS self defense system
5th Degree Black belt in Ken-Ryu Kenpo Karate
CrossFit Level Two Certified Instructor
25+ Years as a Police Officer
Master Degree in Criminal Justice

Paul Lombardi and Sheryl Lombardi, Owner of Wachusett Martial Arts and MMA Center, Rutland Massachusetts.

Paul began his martial arts training in 1985 when he was 17 years old, the year he entered college.  He trained with many teachers in traditional American Kenpo Karate until he met his current teacher in 1996, Grandmaster Alan D’Allessandro.  Paul received his black belt ranks from years of training with Grandmaster D’Allessandro.  Grandmaster  D’Allessandro is the founder of Ken Ryu Kenpo (Fist School/Fist Law).  Grandmaster D’Allessandro currently trains with world renowned karate Grandmaster Don Rodrigues.  Also, approximately 20 years ago, Paul became fascinated with styles of martial arts he saw in MMA and began training with Keith Rockel, a professional MMA fighter who  competed in the UFC and who held many championships, most notably the Hook and Shoot Light Heavy Weight Championship.

During Paul’s training,  Grandmaster D’Allessandro and Grandmaster Rodriques  both encouraged him to form his own style and add to what he learned, to expand his knowledge of the martial arts.  What Paul did was to take his MMA training and combine it with his karate training.  The result although still a very traditional system is a more combative style of karate.​

Anthony Lombardi

2nd Degree Black Belt Who Zhu Ken Ryu Kempo

Anthony has been training with his father since he was 6 years old.  Anthony is an accomplished martial artist.  In his competing days he won many tournaments, competing in fighting, weapons and forms.   

Renee Rainville 3rd Degree Brown Belt

Lindsey Rainville 2nd Degree Brown Belt

Both Renee and Lindsay are accomplished martial artists and fine young adults.  Both have been with us since they were small children starting as white belts.  They both assist with our children's classes.  They have shown great patience  and caring with our young students and are fine teachers